frequently asked questions

please read before sending any questions- the answer you seek may already be here!


q: how long have you been doing art?

a: about 14 years!


q: how did you learn?

a: i know it's the most cliché answer ever, but practicing consistently and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is truly the only way to improve.


q: how did you come up with the name for midheaven arts?

a: in astrology, the midheaven is the highest point in one's birth chart and gives clues as to what your goals, aspirations, and reputation will be in this life. not only that, but i like to think of art as one of the highest points of human creation, and as something that can make you so happy you feel like you're in the middle of paradise.


q: how much does a t-shirt/painting/drawing/etc. cost?

a: it is hard to create standardized pricing for custom pieces of art due to the huge variations in size, materials, time spent, and other factors. on my commissions page, i have created an easy form for you to fill out which will allow me to give a quick and free price quote for whatever you may want. from there, you can decide whether or not to place an order with me.


q: do you offer delivery or shipping?

a: for local phoenix orders placed by people i am familiar with, i offer free drop-off or pickup. for all other orders, shipping will be arranged through my shopify storefront.


q: can i use your art commercially?

a: yes, but with proper credit!


q: i can't commission you or book a class right now, but i still want to help- how can i do that?

a: that is incredibly kind, and i appreciate it! spreading the word and sharing this site or my instagram page (@midheaven.arts) would be great.