about me

hello, it's nice to meet you! my name is reb, and i am the proud proprietor of midheaven arts. i am a college student based in phoenix, arizona who's looking to go to law school. we all know how expensive that can get, so i thought why not turn something i love into a way to support myself as well?

i started making art when i was five years old, drawing and cutting out little paper pokémon with the help of my dad. ever since then, i have practiced with passion and expanded my skills so that i could not only express and help myself through art, but to help others and make them happy too. i went from pencils and crayons to sketches, screen-printing, painting, portraits, collages, sculptures, teaching, and more all in a variety of styles and aesthetics- and i don't intend on stopping!

when i'm not creating art, you can find me at metal concerts, at home with my family and my cute but grumpy pet pacman frog, or out and about with my friends or boyfriend.

i appreciate you reading this, and i appreciate your support. i look forward to creating with you! :D


much love,

reb <3